Tennis Predictions – how should I make them?

tennis predictions
07/19/2021 0 Comments

Would you like to learn how to predict winning tennis matches? There is no need to look further because you’ve landed on the right page.

On a daily basis, for every WTP and ATP tournament, we provide you with tennis predictions, helping you succeed in sports betting.

To create their tennis predictions and bets, our specialists take into consideration several factors, including mathematical and human-based factors. 

Players’ forms, the results of previous matches, tournament performances, match schedules, match surfaces – each of these factors, as well as many others, should be carefully examined so as to develop a real-world prediction for tennis.

Keep in mind, as our experts are passionate about their industry, they write each prediction with passion, to help you win more money from the bookmakers. 

Although we cannot guarantee that your bet will be successful, our tips will help you place bets that will provide you with long-term profits.

The pros’ tips to making Tennis Predictions

In order to assist you with this tennis betting prediction process, the following factors need to be considered to establish reliable predictions.

Tip 1:  Analyze the form of each player

No matter what sport you’re betting on, from the ATP to the WTA, your first step would be to examine the recent performance of each player concerned regarding the match that you’re betting on.

Tip 2: Considering the conditions and surface

Tennis Venue Condition

Undoubtedly, the location and conditions of the match are also important factors in making a successful tennis prediction. There is a favorite tournament and surface for each tennis player, Analysis of this parameter is indeed crucial. Therefore, this parameter needs to be analyzed deeply.

What surface is more comfortable for one of the players (e.g. clay, grass, court)? Has their performance been outstanding in the previous tournament? Or does it work the other way around – do players have a difficult time performing at their best when playing at home? 

In order to place a bet on a tennis game, it is necessary to solve a variety of questions.

Tip 3:  Study the previous face-off

In the next step, the results of the previous battles between the players must be considered. You probably already know this, but tennis is one of the sports where psychological factors matter more than others.

Tip 4: Take into consideration the Global Ranking and the Competitive Calendar

Another very important factor to consider is the global ranking, which is determined by each tournament. Tennis fans are aware that the WTP/ATP rankings process is points-based, based on how they perform at tournaments. 

When participating in a tournament, at least a player should equal their performance from the previous year. In light of these facts, you may observe that players’ motivations are affected by the number of tournaments they have participated in. 

Tip 5: Pick an appropriate odds value when making a tennis prediction

As a result of analyzing these various factors, estimating the odds value for tennis is one of the final important aspects you will need to consider in order to make an accurate tennis prediction.